June 6, 2023
Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric and Zyflamend

There are many benefits of Turmeric. it is a bright yellow spice related to ginger. It is a major part of curry powder and gives mustard its bright yellow color.

It has been found to have major health benefits mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties with virtually no side effects.

In a review of over 700 studies published in a 2007 edition of Alternative & Complementary Therapies, turmeric was found to be effective in preventing or relieving many long-term conditions.

Benefits of Turmeric in Controlling Diseases

Alzheimer’s disease

Tumeric has been found to block the formation of plaques in the brain which leads to the reduction in brain function found in this disease.


 turmeric contains many anti-inflammatory substances which block the inflammation that causes pain, swelling, and limited movement. These are similar to the active ingredients found in the latest anti-arthritis drugs. The great thing is that you get pain relief without the side effects of these drugs.


The active ingredient in turmeric has been found to prevent and treat certain cancers in animals, like breast, colon, oral and esophageal cancers.

How do you get more turmeric and Benefits?

You can get benefits of turmeric in many ways. You can use turmeric powder for cooking or curry powder which has lots of turmeric in it. You can also get turmeric tea or you can buy turmeric capsules at your local health food store.

Benefits of Turmeric
Benefits of Turmeric


You can also use turmeric as a supplement in addition to the following things.




Roasted veggies

In scrambled eggs

In soup

It is mostly used in curry souse in many countries.

What Is Zyflamend

A great alternative is to use Zyflamend. What is Zyflamend? Zyflamend is a blend of several herbs and spices, including turmeric, that help with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Do Side Effects Of Zyflamend Outweigh The Benefits?

Zyflamend is a blend of 10 potent herbs known for many years to help with unhealthy inflammation, improve general health and relieve the pain of arthritic finger joints and in fact arthritis pain anywhere in the body. These 10 wonderful herbs and spices are:

  • holy basil
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • green tea
  • rosemary
  • hu zhang
  • Chinese goldthread
  • barberry
  • oregano
  • Baikal skullcap

All these work together to reduce abnormal inflammation.

How does Zyflamend work?

Zyflamend works by inhibiting an enzyme ( a chemical in the body) known as COX-2 which takes part in abnormal inflammatory processes in the body. This is the same enzyme that is targeted by some of the expensive prescription medications for arthritis and pain. Zyflamend acts in the same way but without the many risks and side effects of these drugs.

Why should I use Zyflamend?

Zyflamend gives you effective pain relief and much more without the hefty price tag or inconvenient/ serious side effects of some prescription medications. It uses organic ingredients without any artificial additives and preservatives.

So what are the side effects of Zyflamend?

No serious side effects of Zyflamend. In spite of the fact that thousands of people have used it to relieve various health conditions related to inflammation. A few people have complained of loose bowel movements.

When compared to some side effects of OTC and prescription medications like stroke, heart attacks, kidney damage, liver damage, and bleeding from the intestines, this is very mild when compared to the potential benefits.

Of course, if you are allergic to any of the components of Zyflamend, you should avoid it.

Benefits Of Turmeric and Zyflamend

Low cost and No Side Effects

As both a professional massage therapist and someone who has my own share of aches and pains, Zyflamend is one of the best things I’ve found on the market.

Control Inflammation

 It is the best product that controls inflammation. It inhibits the molecule NF-kB, which travels to cell nuclei and activates inflammatory-related genes. You can take it without any tension as it has no side effects. For better results, take it in the center of the meal as it fastens the digestion system.

Relief From Pain

 For several years now, anytime we would have otherwise felt the need for ibuprofen, Tylenol, or other pain medicine, we generally take Zyflamend instead due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It is very effective as pain relief.

Early Treatment Of Prostate Cancer

Research published in 2005 by Columbia University Department of Urology suggests that Zyflamend is a unique herb that helps to suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells.


Turmeric is a natural herb that carries a lot of health benefits. It is bitter in taste and warm. Relief from pain, anti-inflammatory, reduce stress, good for cardio health, and free from any kind of side effects are the main benefits of turmeric.

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