November 8, 2023
Effects of mobile phones

Effects of mobile phones on children health

The mobile phone is a blessing invention. It brought revolutionary changes in our lives, especially smartphones. It is not a simple device it is a world that is in our hands. All Information is a just single click away. it is so much penetrated into our life that one feels incomplete without it.

It also squeezed or vanished many industries like cameras, watches, telegrams, greeting cards, video, and audio cassettes, landline phones, etc., 

 Mobiles phone receive and transmit microwave radiation, ionizing and nonionizing radiation whenever the mobile phone is on thus creating many health issues.

 In this article, we will discuss how these mobile phones affect the health and growth of our innocents who are in the growing and developing stage

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There are a lot of side effects of mobile on children’s health some main effects are described below.

1.  The rate of absorption of radiation is higher in children than in elders because the tissues of the brain ad skin are soft. It has been proved in different researches that children’s tissues absorb two times and bone marrow absorbs ten times more radiation as compared to the elders.

2. When children see their elders using the phone they want to get it. They keep it closer to their eyes thus affecting their eyesight. The minimum distance of the screen from the eye should be at least 13 TO 17 Inches. The mobile screen is small and a lot of focus is required to type a message on the screen.

3. Mobile phones greatly impact the mental health of children. It slows down the growth process. Children who use excessive mobile phones their IQ levels became low. Other diseases that can cause brain tumors, sleeping disorders, psychiatric diseases, grief fear, anxiety, etc. these all diseases mean that they are affecting the personality of children.

4. These radiations can cause cancer as they hurt the growing skull, toddlers, and children. Those Parents who make busy their children by providing cell phones are exposing their children more to danger. Children stick to mobile phones. The more use of mobile phone the more you are in danger.

5.         Keeping a mobile phone in the front pocket of pants can be harmful to reproductive growth. Almost 75% of young keep their mobile phone in their front pocket. Radiation absorbed in the abdomen, pelvis, and spine can reduce the fertility or sperm count or can damage sperm integrity in men. The same may cause in the female by disrupting egg production or diminishing egg quality.

6.         when your kid continues to watch on a cell phone screen for hours he/she will hurt the spine, neck, and back muscles and also feel headaches and pain in the back.

How can we reduce the side effects of cell phones?

1.         Generally we have a habit of keeping our cell phones below the pillow before sleeping. This is a very unhealthy habit. Throughout the night you are in a radiation circle. Before sleeping must keep away from yourself.

2.         Place wifi router in less frequently used area.

3.         Keep mobile phone screen at least 12-16 inches away from eyesight while typing messages.

4.         Kids use their mobile phones to play video games or watch kids’ channels. You can provide them with an alternative source like a PC or laptop which is cable connected.

Children are our future. Health is wealth and to keep our children healthy we should keep them away from the excessive use of mobile phones.

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