September 12, 2023
Exeter Finance Repo Cars

Exeter Finance Repo Cars: All you need to know

Exeter Finance Repo Cars? Exeter Finance is a well-known auto car financing company in America that provides an opportunity for low-income people who dream to own a car. In collaboration with thousands of dealerships and franchised people can get ownership after fulfilling their basic requirements.

These dealerships are independent of Exeter and they finance their own inventory. In fact, Exeter does not own any of these dealerships. The dealerships that use Exeter’s finance program do so as a way to access new and used vehicle loans.

In other words, Exeter doesn’t finance vehicles directly but instead provides financing services to dealerships. When car buyers choose to buy a car from a dealership, they don’t go to a bank to obtain a loan. Instead, they turn to the dealership for financing.

##What is Exeter Finance Repo Cars Policy

Exeter finance repo cars policy is the repossession of a car when someone fails to repay payment for some period usually for two consecutive years. Companies send notices before repossession and after some grace period(one to two weeks), they repossess it.

Although company policy is kept hidden from the public it can be cleared from dealerships and franchises. Exeter is a legal auto finance company and it follows and is governed by rules, laws, and policies called repo policies.

In Exeter Finance Repo Cars policy the term repossession means that the car has been seized by law enforcement authorities. The company which owns the car, the lien holder, can then sell it to anyone who wants it.

##Missed Payment on Car Finance

First missed payment

If you have missed the first payment on the car then Exeter finance will contact you and remind you about the installment. They will send you a message, email, or can call you for payment.

If you forget to pay the amount then soon after being contacted by the company you can pay it. If you are not in the condition to pay the amount due to some critical situations then you should inform the company without wasting time and fix the date of payment.

2nd Missed Payment

On 2nd missed payment company will again contact and remind you via email and phone call. It is not clear how many representatives of Exeter finance company will contact you.

According to your previous payment history and Exeter finance repo policy company can decide repossession process.  If you are struggling with payment issues you should contact immediately the Exeter finance company to settle down the issues according to the policy.

##Does Exeter have a grace period?

Yes, Exeter has a grace period that is usually one to two weeks depending upon the situation. It varies from lender to lender and under certain circumstances there can be leniency in the payment.

The finance company should ensure that the customer has made all the payments and is paying for the installments in a timely manner. If the customer does not pay the installment in time, they may get charged interest and other charges for late payments.

The customers can also get a grace period if the payment was made on time but it didn’t meet the required amount.

##How can I recover the car after Repossession?

Exeter Finance Repo Cars policy provides an opportunity for their clients to repossess the car only if the user has a clear and decent history of repayment. User can get their car back after payment of all dues which may include all missed payments, late charges, processing fees, and vehicle confiscating charges.

The client is allowed to recover their car after the due date. Exeter provides a customer with a chance to get their car back after Repossession.


The Exeter Finance repo cars program offers several benefits including convenience and affordability. You can get a new car for a reasonable cost and you can repay the loan in full in the shortest time.

If you are considering buying a used car you can search for a used car on the online platform. This is a convenient method of getting your own car for a low cost. Most used car lenders offer a high-quality product and they charge a lower interest rate than the loan providers.

In addition, the service of a repossessed vehicle is more economical than that of a brand-new vehicle. Many customers are opting for repossessed vehicles because it is less expensive and more reliable.


1. Can you pay Exeter with a credit card?

Exeter Finance Repo Cars policy allows you can pay Exeter with a credit card which is the most convenient and easy way to pay.

2. How do I cancel a payment on Exeter Finance?

If you want to cancel a payment on Exeter Finance then simply call at helpline (800) 321-9637 and talk customer service representative.

3. What happens if my finance car is repossessed?

When a car is repossessed it is sold out in an auction. In an auction, it is not guaranteed that your call will be sold at a good price. The amount realized through auction is used for repayment of money that is owed. Many times realized amount is not enough to offset the amount owed so you not only lose the car but also owed debt.

4. How long before a missed car payment is repossessed?

Lenders can repossess your car after 60-90 days if you miss your car payment. In most states repossession process started as soon as you default on the payment.

5. How soon can I get My repossessed car back?

According to Exeter Finance Repo Cars policy, within 15 days you can reinstate your repossessed car after payments of all dues.

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