November 29, 2023
Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey

Is Travelling to Turkey for Hair Transplant Safe?

Traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant is safe. Turkey is a popular destination for many medical procedures, including hair transplants. This is due to quality services at an affordable cost.

Many people travel from different parts of the world to Turkey for their hair transplants, and reports of security issues during their trip are rare. We can confidently assure you of your safety at Turkey Hair Transplants when you visit our clinic in Turkey for a hair transplant.

Our hair transplant clinic is located in a safe area, and you are free to walk around at any time, including at night, without fear of getting robbed or attacked. However, as with any big city, it’s best to avoid dangerous and crowded areas of the city.

If there is a threat of any danger, we will inform you to cancel your trip, so feel free to book your flight to Turkey for your hair transplant at Turkey Hair Transplants.

Preparing to travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant

After your free online consultation and you decide to undergo the procedure, ensure you send an email or call to schedule your surgery. We appreciate you reaching out to us at least three months before your intended date because we have many patients competing for appointment dates, and we allocate dates on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are usually fully booked three months in advance throughout the year. To secure your appointment, send us details of your flight, and you may want to pay a deposit via wire transfer.

Traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant

When you have an appointment for your hair transplant surgery, you can book your flight and submit the details to us via email. Our patient coordinator will help book accommodation for you in a reputable hotel and arrange your transportation to and from the airport.

If you prefer a more luxurious hotel at a higher cost, kindly inform us to make a reservation for you. We are committed to making you feel safe and comfortable during your hair transplant trip to Turkey.

Precautions before hair transplant surgery

  • Avoid taking aspirin for a week before the procedure
  • Avoid taking blood thinners and antidepressants for one week before the procedure
  • Avoid smoking for a week
  • Avoid taking alcohol for three days
  • Avoid herbal medications and multivitamins for a week before the procedure
  • Opt for comfortable clothes on the day of the hair transplant. Our surgeon recommends wearing a button-up shirt, so you don’t damage the new grafts while taking off your cloth
  • Ensure you inform the doctor of any allergies or chronic diseases.

On the surgery day

We advise having a good breakfast on the surgery day and being at the clinic at 8:00 am. Ensure you’re wearing a buttoned shirt, so you don’t brush over the implanted hair grafts after the procedure.

The hair transplant may take 7 – 9 hours in our fully-equipped operating room under a local anesthetic. You will get breaks, including a lunch break during the procedure. After the hair transplant, our hair transplant surgeon will instruct you on caring for your new graft and provide you with a hard copy of your post-op instruction.

Post-surgery review

We will inform you of a follow-up appointment date for the surgeon to carry out a check-up and give you further instructions on cleaning and caring for your scalp. The surgeon will remove the bandage and then show you how to wash your hair. You will also get medication to aid recovery and preserve hair growth.

Traveling back

After your surgery and post-op care, you will be fit to travel back. We provide transportation to the airport, provided it fits into your schedule.


On specific periods, usually between days five and ten, two months, and 12 months after the procedure, we will email or call you to follow up on post-op treatment. The full result of your treatment will be visible 8 – 12 months after the procedure.

We understand that our patients may have many questions in the first few weeks after the procedure, and we are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns via call or email.

We have a Turkey hair transplant package suitable for our patients.

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