September 28, 2023

Octordle: Discover the most complex game ever created

Octordle is a new version of the game Wordle, a spin-off designed for word guessers who want to play additional games based on Wordle. So, can you juggle not two, not four, but eight words at the same time? In contrast to the traditional card game, there are 13 plays to guess all eight hidden words. We’re guessing you can.

How to Play

It is a variant of the famous Wordle game created by Kenneth Crawford. Like the original game, you are tasked with guessing eight words at the same time. Each of the grids in these matrices operates independently. It is a multitasking version of Wordle that works on 8 separate divisions simultaneously.

Moreover, the rules of each grid and, by extension, each word, are the same as Wordle’s, using the same color coding and the same five-letter English dictionary words.

Nevertheless, determining eight fixed locations adds multiple complications to the overall experience, which can frustrate the player while also delighting them.

Modes of Game 

There are two modes of octordle gameplay.

  1. Daily Octordle
  2. Free Octordle

1. Daily Octordle

A new Octordle game mode becomes available every day for every player around the world. Each Onlooker gets a single wordle to guess each day, and this Octordle remains similar for every player.

2. Free Octordle

It offers a chance for users to access its multitasking features prior to getting involved in its regular world. In this game setting, the player may play the game as much as he likes. When a new wordle is acquired, you can play with it.

How You Can Play 

It is a game that allows you to enter its simultaneous word-guessing world. Here are the game modes offered and how to solve the 8-cell dilemma in the game guess from your already-polished pieces of minced meat.

word game’s 8-grid sandbox looks like a never-ending, unconquerable collection of titles. In contrast to Wordle, Octordle is eight times larger. It is crucial that you have a well-defined strategy and approach before creating a wordle guess.

The hidden treasure in the wordle game is deciding on the perfect starting stage for the grid. This grid will capture your focus before any of the other seven grids. In any case, after your first one or two attempts, you should be able to find enough letters on each grid to be able to choose which one has the most information.

Guess this word as fast as possible and enter this word to the best of your ability. We don’t wish to be in a situation where there isn’t one. The number of remaining attempts for solving the problem is less than zero. The full grids are available to explore. It’s an impossible circumstance and you have lost the game.

If you come across yourself stuck at any point while working with this word, proceed to check the rest of the dictionary cupboards in hopes of finding a better alternative. In making a smooth transition, this switch will quickly begin making accurate predictions about this new word.

Tips For Solving One

If you try to complete a step on your Wordle every day, you should focus on maximizing every step you take. Make sure your starting word covers the broadest possible range of five-letter words, that is, the most commonly used letters in those.

I may choose TASER most of the time. The letter T involves five basic letters and the final -ER vowel is a common ending. Other players may choose a word like ADEIGH, covering three of the five English vowels.

This method makes use of a considerably similar letter-frequency tool as TASER, but with the added bonus of prioritizing insights about vowels over information regarding the arrangement. Regardless of the starting point in your first syllable, likely does ‘t include repeated letters, less frequent ones, or unusual words themselves.

You are probably selecting a starting word that will offer you the greatest probability of success when playing this game. That plan of action makes great sense when you’re trying to finish one.

Tips for Solving many

When you’re solving for over 8 words at the same time, it’s highly likely that the most common letters are found in one or more of them. Some of them may also be in at least some of their consonants. One or a couple of rare letters, such as those corresponding to Q, X, and Z, may be in one or more of them, too. Now it covers the widest variety of possibilities.

TASER or ADIEU is a great way to start, but the information they provide might be less useful with time. Study those less common, but not unsearchable, letters so you have at least one word you can solve easily in the next guess ideally by using some common letters. This gives you some more words to work with.

I usually implement MOUND in the wordle game, followed by PITHY if there’s nothing I can easily remedy from there. Then I might use FLACK. Getting to P U (D) in the example below is much more likely to be possible when we have additional letters in common.

By filling in the common letters to the left of the word that you solve, you gather the common letters for use in solving the adjacent or subsequent words.

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