If you are a resident of California then there is good news for you.

Due to the increasing prices of groceries, the California administration is planning to   refund from its surplus of $97.5 Billion and individual can spend this amount for other purposes.

An estimated amount of $9.5 billion is allocated for this program and that is the largest   in the state history of California.

Over 23 million people are expected to benefit from this program.

  Individuals who are residents of California for over six months or more in the tax the year 2020 and are still residents of the state.   

Have filed tax returns for the year 2020 up to 15 October 2021 and also have adjusted gross income.

How much income you will get

    A married person will get $400 to $1050 and individuals may get $200-$700.

The most lucrative amount of $1050 will be given to those couples who jointly file an   income of $150,000 and are dependent. $700 to those couples who are not dependent.