September 11, 2023
Windows 12 Interface

Windows 12 Interface Revealed: A Major Upgrade with a New Look

Microsoft has been a pioneer in the world of operating systems for decades, and with the advent of Windows 12, the tech giant seems to be taking a major step forward. With its latest flagship operating system, Microsoft has introduced some major changes to the interface, features, and functionalities.

The new Windows 12 interface is nothing short of a revolution in the world of operating systems. The first thing that strikes you is the new look, which is a departure from the conventional Windows interface we are all familiar with. The new interface is sleek, and modern, and comes with a new color scheme that makes it easy on the eyes.

Microsoft is set to release the latest version of its operating system, Windows 12, with a new interface that promises to offer users an exciting experience. The new interface will bring major upgrades and changes to the current version, Windows 11. In this article, we will explore the new features and changes that Windows 12 interface will offer users.

Windows 12 Interface:

The Windows 12 interface has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and streamlined, with a focus on ease of use and accessibility. The new interface includes a redesigned start menu that is customizable and can be easily resized. Additionally, the taskbar has been updated to allow for easy access to frequently used apps and programs.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of a new feature called ‘Snap Layouts.’ This feature allows users to quickly organize their open windows into different layouts, making it easier to multitask and work on multiple projects simultaneously. With Snap Layouts, users can easily switch between different layouts and configurations with just a few clicks.

New Look and Feel

One of the major changes that the Windows 12 interface will bring is a new look and feel. Microsoft is expected to introduce a fresh and modern interface that is both appealing and user-friendly. Users will experience a cleaner and smoother look that will be more visually pleasing.

Updated Start Menu

The start menu is one of the most important features in Windows. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 12 will feature an updated start menu. The new start menu will be more customizable and will offer users more options to personalize their desktops. This change will help users quickly access frequently used apps and features.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops are not new to Windows, but Microsoft has promised to introduce a more user-friendly and intuitive interface in Windows 12. Users will be able to switch between virtual desktops more seamlessly, and this feature is expected to be more popular among power users who work on multiple tasks at the same time.

Improved Taskbar

The taskbar is an important feature in Windows that allows users to easily access and switch between running applications. Microsoft is expected to introduce a more flexible and customizable taskbar in Windows 12. Users will be able to pin and unpin apps, access jump lists, and more.

New Features

Apart from the new look and feel, Windows 12 interface will bring new features to the table. Here are some of the expected new features in Windows 12:

Better Touchscreen Support

Touchscreen support has become increasingly important as more and more devices feature touchscreens. Windows 12 is expected to bring better touchscreen support, making it easier for users to navigate the interface using touch.

Improved File Explorer

File explorer is one of the most important tools in Windows, and Microsoft has promised to bring significant improvements to it in Windows 12. Users will experience a faster and more efficient file explorer, with new features such as a preview pane, improved search, and more.

Better Integration with Other Devices

Microsoft has been pushing for better integration of Windows with other devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Windows 12 is expected to bring better integration with other devices, making it easier for users to access their data and files across different devices.


the new Windows 12 interface is a major upgrade over its predecessors, with a new look, added functionality, and more customization options. Microsoft seems to have focused on productivity with the new operating system, introducing new features that make it easier to multitask and get things done. Windows 12 is set to be a game-changer in the world of operating systems, and we can’t wait to see what else Microsoft has in store for us.

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